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Github Issues

Questions, Bug Reports and Requests for Features

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  • ASAP prioritisation and response
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Tune HapiGER for Better Recommendations

  • I review your events dataset to better tune the settings on HapiGER to generate better recommendations. I also offer advice on how to best use, scale and optimize HapiGER and send you a report.
  • More questions? See FAQ below.
  • Pricing based on number of events to be analyzed, starting at $750
  • Email to arrange your tuneup

Custom Work or Support

Tweak HapiGER or GER to meet your requirements.

  • I will go over with you for your requirements, and come up with a plan to adapt or wrap HapiGER or GER that we can agree on. Then provide an estimate for the amount of work involved and proceed from there.
  • 1500/day
  • Email to discuss.


How can I use Github Issues?

Github Issues is currently the best way to ask questions, request features to be added, or file bug reports when using HapiGER.

I encourage posting as much information as you can about your issues, and I will respond as soon as possible to help out.

What's Tuneup?

Properly integrating and optimizing HapiGER for your particular application can be difficult. Every application has different users, products, usage patterns and requirements that result in a unique environment for recommendations.

Essentially, we will discuss your requirements and what you want out of HapiGER. You can send me a sample of the events you are sending or (planning to send) to HapiGER so that I can inspect and analyze possible strategies for improvement.

Pricing is based on the number of events; $750 for applications with under 10k events, increasing up to $1500 for 100k events. If the dataset is particularly complex or has difficult requirements these prices may increase to as much as double. I will be happy to also Tuneup events sets larger than 100k, though this work will be priced on a case-by-case basis.

Note: I consider all data reviewed to be under NDA. I would never share data or use it in any way without explicit permission. Once you approve of the report and acknowledge receipt of the invoice I delete all copies of your data.

How does Custom Support work?

Email me with a summary of your needs; I'll help you if I can. I might:

  • Give you an estimate of time and price if the work is straightforward
  • Suggest alternatives if HapiGER is not the right solution
  • Decline the work due to timing or relevancy

Note that work must be HapiGER or GER related. I am currently not accepting general development work. My contracting price is $250/hour or $1500/day

Who are you?

I'm Dr. Graham Jenson, I've been a developer for 6 years and I'm the author of HapiGER and GER. I hope to grow HapiGER into a project used by many applications to provide good recommendations.